Review on the aztec clay mask

So today I want to share my personal thoughts on this amazing product.

I started using this 1st August 2019 and it has changed my skin dramatically.I use it with only BRAGG ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR for most effectiveness.

I have seen many posts regarding this clay mask and this is my first review on it ever.

I do have very sensitive skin and i decided to give this a try.

Aztec clay mask is 100% pure bentonite calcium clay with no additives,no fragrances,no perfume and it is a natural source from volcanic ash.

At first application, It does not sting or burn.I normally apply a thin layer so that it dries quick. It hardens and pulsates on the face,creating a vacuum like feeling that deeply penetrates the pores and cleans out the yucky stuff.

The pulsating does not stop, also it works better after a steam facial as the pores are open as a result of the heat.I then rinse it off with lukewarm water and immediatley moisturize.

This product has changed my life significantly, it renewed my skin, lightened my blemishes and scars.

It also leaves my skin sooo soft and clean but note that when it is rinsed off your skin will be red and that is normal as it creates more blood circulation where it was applied thus bringing nutrients to the surface of the skin.

Have you tried this mask?

I would like to know how it has worked for you.

Thank you

The amazing benefits of ALOE BITTER CRYSTALS #aloeferoxbitters

Good morning all♥️

I want to discuss the benefits of this little product that I am pretty sure not many people has heard about or used.

About 5 months ago , a co-worker recommended this to me as I was suffering with rashes on and off. I purchased it at a drug store and it cost about ZAR24.00.

I started off with 3 crystals with a full glass of water every 4 days and I was stunned. It healed my rash very quikly and I did my research prior to using it.

I stopped using it for another month ( Got lazy,I admit) but I am back on it again.

A month later I started taking 1 crystal per day as I could see results and not only that, It helped me lose weight at an incredible pace.I went from 75KG down to 69KG in a month and I was happy.

So let me give you a breakdown on the benefits of these crystals.

•Promotes skin healing

•Cleanses blood

•Promotes new cell growth

•Removes bacteria from the gut and bowel

•Aids in weightloss

•Has gentle laxative properties

•Stimulates skin renewal in the form of vitamin E

•Prevents over-eating as It supresses appetite

This stuff has worked like a charm and I will continue to use it.

Its from the ALOE FEROX plant.It is the inner gel layer that has been dried so its all natural and does not contain any other harmful ingredients.

Thank you for reading.


Almost worked!!!

Let me tell you about this cute product.

I wore this about a year ago while I was at work thinking OH WOW, it’s full coverage and all but this product is not what I expected.

Upon application after primer,it sits perfectly.
After a few hours it starts looking like it says “CLAY”,

I had no idea this was happening until a co-worker pointed it out to me that my face looks cakey and dry.

I quikly ran to the bathroom and to my horror,I looked in the mirror and saw that this foundation started to break partially around my mouth and eyebrows.
I could not touch up as I never carry my makeup bag to work as I never experienced this before compared to other oil-free foundations that lasts all day.
Never the less,I tried to press it back and blend with my fingers only to find that it does more harm than good.

My face literally looked like i had put clay on my face😭 and since that day I never purchased it again,EVER!!!

I hope I am not the only one who had this problem.
For me, this foundation would work best for maybe 3 hours max.

Let me know what you think.

Hair galore

I want to discuss my all time favorite brand right now.

Two months back I started using this powerful combo.



I am sooo inlove with these 2.

Garnier ultimate blends has a variety but this specific two has to be thee best.It leaves me smelling like coconut all day long.The shampoo is moisturizing and hydrating to the hair and the conditioner keeps my hair sleek and shiny.

I might try out the others in this range but until then, These 2 are a winner.

Try it out and see for yourself😍

Diy Lip Scrubs

Have you ever used a lip scrub?

I never imagined I would ever consider scrubbing my lips but I have been absorbed into the realm of this beauty trick as I call it.

So recently I went to THE BODY SHOP and saw their lip scrubs that are not too cheap but also not overly expensive.It has all natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and the list goes on to ingredients i have never heard about.Before I buy any product, I would always check what is in a product as I have learned from previous bad experiences and I decided to do my own lip scrubs from strictly natural ingredients.

The lips has no oil glands but it does get dry in winter and chapped in summer. I love my lips super soft and luscious at all times and I finally found a way to maintain their softness and texture.

I use only organic ingredients such as:

Olive oil

Brown sugar

Pink food colouring

Lemon essence

Vanilla extract

Raw Honey

The reason i add the lemon essence is to lighten my lips and the food colouring is to add a pink tint to my lips and it looks amazing.I also do a variety of flavours by adding different things.

I don’t measure as I do it by eye and it does give me a good result.

In conclusion…. I will not buy a lip scrub ever as I am better off making my own.

Finished off by a lip balm.


My thoughts on makeup.

When I was 23 years old, I tried makeup for the very first time not knowing about the type of products to use on my face or what ingredients to look out for.

It wasn’t until the age of 25 that my skin met it’s demise after 2 years of wearing makeup.It started to become more like small blisters and rashes and I had no idea what was happening and even thinking it might be hormonal.

I went on the pill to try and heal what was happening but to no avail, it only got worse.Sooner than later my entire face was breaking out in pimples.I decided to stop using the makeup and my skin started to heal slowly but surely.

After a few years i started learning about my skin type,what products to use for my skin type and what skincare products to use and at the stage where I am now,I can honestly say that before you start using makeup, please consider your skin and product and skincare ingredients.

I learned the hard way and I am very careful of what I put on my skin now.

I still have the occasional rash and pimple on my face but my doctor has me on Doxycycline for it.

I can honestly say that my skin has cleared up immensley and i hope it stays that way,given the fact that do steam,I use a clay mask once a week and yes very important-Glycolic Acid cleanser.

Do not skip the SUNSCREEN DAILY.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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